Friday, February 5, 2010

Le Mas de Bonheur has moved

Well we moved on over, moved on over,
To the ouest side.
To a 1-bedroom apartment on the first floor.
Oh oh we moved on down, moved on down,
To the first floor.
Now we finally got a washing machine of our oooooooowwn!

So as many of you already know, we moved. Back in mid-November.

It's been a busy time. Ahem.

Our new apartment, as the theme song homage (if you were able to stretch and shorten those syllables in new and creative ways) suggests, is on the west side of town. It's about a 10mn walk from the old place, which means I can't step out of our apartment and go to the market (or to the Cave), but it's better.

For one thing, it has a separate bedroom ... with a door ... and a condemned fireplace in marble (on the right in the foreground).

It also has a washing machine (on the right, next to the tiny, more typically-sized refrigerator), which also serves as a drying rack for the dishes.

And a nice breakfast table.

It has an attractive living room ... which you will see a picture of sometime soon.

With a really cool bird relief that is where the chandelier used to be when the living room and bedroom were just one large room.

It has a gigantic terrace. Which isn't quite as scenic as the old one, but it'll do.

Oh, and one of the best things is that it also now has an oven!

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Jessica said...

This is extremely exciting, the picture tour. And, I miss you guys SO much! Need to come visit the new appartement.