Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visitors, part II

As much as we like it here, we do still miss Chicago. It's mostly our friends who are/were there that we miss, so it was especially nice to see two of them.

It was great fun. Again, I failed to take enough pictures, but Jessica posted her pictures on Facebook (and Flickr I think) so there's more to look at there. If you're friends with her.

Here's our first night, having kir royal. James managed to make them layered, which adds some fun when you're drinking them out of mustard glasses (= mustard jars designed to be glasses when empty -- we now have five, alongside several Nutella glasses left by the previous tenant).

Another night we had pizza from our favorite pizza place, Pizza Capri, an Aixois institution.

And homemade crêpes, which we ate the right way -- standing around in the kitchen and filling them with jam or Nutella as they came out of the pan.

We also ate out a couple of times. This is Carton Rouge a wine-restaurant (sort of Yves' competition, but not really because it's really a restaurant not a wine bar ... and having been there, they don't really know their wine like Yves does).

Here's Jessica, looking at the wall of wines available at Carton Rouge. In the glasses are a sauvignon blanc (foreground) to accompany the octopus salad and two glasses of Monbalzillac to accompany the seared foie gras appetizer.

Dan, with the bottle we chose for our dinners (braised lamb shank with squash blossoms, grilled dorade and two steak tartare with the usual garnishes plus argan oil -- yes the oil that comes from the kernel of the fruit that goats digest and then, um, expel through digestion).

James was there too.

I was the one trying to take pictures without a flash, so no pictures of me.

It was fun, but short, and we missed them lots when they left.

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Jessica said...

Hooray! I loved this trip and I can't wait to come back and visit you again! Here's a link to my Picasa photo album: