Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now that's a cracker!

If you go to the HaitaiTM website you will learn that the Haitai Cheese Cracker is the "Cheese Flavored Legitimate Cracker".

It really is a cracker. No joke.

It's actually a really tasty cracker that could be the lovechild of a CheezitTM and a SaltineTM, but better that either of its "parents". Or maybe that's what the "legitimate" claim is all about. Maybe it's "legitimate" meaning "original" and it's the Haitai Cheese Cracker that gave rise to both Cheezits and Saltines?

In any case, it seems to be very popular with coffee: "You Can Enjoy The light Taste of The legitimate Cracker When You Eat It with coffee" (caps original).

If just coffee and crackers aren't good enough for you though, here are some serving suggestions on the box.


Jane Solomon said...

It's nice that they gloss "brunch." The box is definitely the appropriate place for that.

schwa said...

OK, how do you parse that label? Is there any relationship between the commas and the orange ellipses? I've seen similar signs in the laundromat for shoe washing machines and they are not for the uninitiated.

Elisa said...

I'm still not sure, but maybe the Tips for doubling taste are modular. As in, on my box it was these, but on your box the orange ellipse may contain a different suggestion for coffee or for your convenient Brunch (Breakfast & Lunch). I'll have to check that the next time I buy. I will say that the suggestion of topping a strawberry, not to mention different kinds of grape jam, with a cracker seems anything but convenient! ;-)