Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It seems, from what I've overheard at the markets, that Corsican clementines are prized over both Spanish and Italian varietals. I ought to do a side-by-side taste test, but I have to say that all have been good and all have been disappointing -- around here, the vendor seems to matter more than the fruit's provenance.

This batch was particularly delicious and juicy (for clementines, which are obviously pretty small so not always so juicy) ...

so I made some clementine-coriander pudding ...

To be honest, the ground coriander didn't add much -- except a darker color that I wish it wouldn't have. As James said, it was just a slightly different version of clementine and could be what clementines taste like on their own.


Anonymous said...

E, I think you and David Lewicki might be psychically connected. I came across a blog of his and his post from Dec. 22 is about, Clementines! Wierd : )

Orange Pippin said...

mmm. clementinas.
I have a whole box of them on the counter.
You must be especially rich in clementinas to cook with them instead of gobbling them up.