Monday, November 10, 2008

Arrival in Marseille -- Wednesday, September 17th

This is the view from our first room at the Hotel Lutétia in Marseille, where we stayed for the first part of our trip. It's really a pretty nice place. It's very tidy, well-situated, very reasonably priced (when the dollar isn't as weak as it was in the second half of September) and the staff are extremely nice. So stay there. Unless you really need wi-fi in your room so you can finish your dissertation.

Our first room was on the fifth floor and even had a little balcony type thing (from which these pictures were taken). It wasn't big enough that you could really sit on it, but it was big enough juice and or cheese overnight because you were trying to be thrifty and eat in your room rather than going to restaurants. Here's a slightly different view from the balcony.

After the manager tried everything he could think of to get the wi-fi to work, he finally let us move into a room on the first floor (premier étage, not ground floor) where the wi-fi did work. Mostly. Although still only sort of.

That room was on the opposite side of the hotel so it faced the backs of other apartment buildings. I would have taken a picture, but it would have been a little like spying on people so I decided against it.


Orange Pippin said...

Wait--Elisa--since when does spying on your neighbors make you uncomfortable? Or is it only spying on your friends neighbors that is ok?

Elisa said...

Ah, good question. Only my friends' neighbors ;-)

Elisa said...

And I should add that it's only appropriate to spy on someone when you know their name. That's another reason I didn't do it.

Orange Pippin said...

Sounds like a good reason to learn the names of your neighbors!